Locked Layers

Locked Layers

Locked Layers are text layers that cannot be edited in Kopie.

Locked Layers are useful when you have text layers in a Sketch file that should not be editable in Kopie. A company logo or the iOS Status Bar are good examples of things with text layers that do not need to be editable when synced to Kopie.

Locked Layers can be particularly useful when your design has text layers that are in the background, behind an overlay. In this situation a writer wouldn’t be expected to edit the copy for these layers because they’re not the focus for that screen.

Locked Layers in Screen View

Locked Layers are still visible in Screen View, only they’re not editable.

This means the integrity of the design is preserved, while preventing unwanted copy changes from being made.

Locked Layers in Text View

Locked Layers are not visible in Text View, they’re completely removed from the editor.

Switch back to Screen View to see the Locked Layers and their context.

Using Locked Layers

Locked Layers are applied in Sketch. Add a group around the text layer that needs to be locked. Name that group, kopie-lock.

Apply kopie-lock groups to any text layers that need to be locked from editing in Kopie.

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