Statuses tell everyone whether or not a screen’s copy is ready to be synced back to Sketch.

Screens can have two statuses:

  • Draft
  • Published

Using Statuses

While editing copy, the screen will be in Draft status. As long as the screen remains a draft, your copy can’t be synced back to Sketch.

You can publish your screen when you’re done editing—this will change the screen to Published status. This tells designers that copy is ready to be synced back to Sketch.

If you need to make changes to a published screen, simply start editing and it will become a draft again.

Statuses in the Sketch plugin

Select the project you want to update copy from.

You’ll know that copy is ready to be synced from that project when you see the Update copy button.

If there’s no copy ready to be synced the button will be disabled, displaying the message, Copy is up-to-date.

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