If you’ve ever wanted to see how different phrases look for a headline, then you’ve wanted to use Variants.

Kopie lets you add multiple strings of copy within one text layer—each of these strings is a variant. Using variants you can test different words and phrases without any rewriting or copying and pasting.

Every variant you add is saved to the text layer. This means that you can compare different variants whenever you want—great for presenting different options to clients and stakeholders.

Using Variants in Screen View

To add a variant to text layer click the plus icon when editing a text layer.

Once you’ve added your copy click ‘Add variant’ to save it.

To view a layer’s variants click the left and right arrows on the layer’s toolbar.

Delete variants by clicking the trash can icon. This will delete the variant that is currently visible.

Comments can be placed per variant by clicking the layer’s comment icon.

Syncing variants

Every text layer that has variants also has an active variant. The active variant is indicated by the green radio button. Only active variants will be synced back to Sketch.

To change the active variant click the grey radio icon when viewing other variants. There can be only one active variant per text layer.

Variants in Text View

Variants can be used in Text View too. For text layers without variants, add a new one by clicking the plus icon.

Then click ‘Add variant’ to save.

For text layers that already have variants you can toggle the list of variants open and closed by clicking the arrow icon.

To delete variants in text view just delete all the text in a variant, and then press delete once more. This will completely remove the variant.

Whether it’s adding, deleting, or changing the active variant, any changes you make in Text View will also be reflected in Screen View—and vice versa.

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